Flight Training

Instructor Rating (FIR)

Entry requirements:

To apply for this course you must:

*Hold a private pilot licence, commercial pilot licence or air transport pilot and have amassed l at least 200 hours flight time as a pilot; andat least 100 hours flight time as pilot in command.

The student is taken to meet the above requirements if they completed an integrated training course for the grant of a commercial pilot licence with the aircraft category rating. 

The aim of the course is to provide the student with the required skills, knowledge and attitudes to safely exercise the privileges of a Flight Instructor Rating with G3 Training Endorsement. 

The training course includes demonstrations and read-backs for all abinitio flight sequences including basic instrument flight and navigation.  Students will complete training and assessment in Spinning and a course of at least 12 hours training in Principles and Methods of Instruction.

The course includes over 75 hours of ground theory and 44 hours of flight training.

Courses are run in groups of 2 or more.